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​​“465 trees” is the current series that I am working on. It stems from the idea that a person consumes approximately 465 trees in paper during their lifetime. For the past 5 years I have been focused on ideas around green technology, energy and recycling. Much of my art has reflected this. This series is a multi media approach around the themes of trees. Some of the media used in this series are woodcut prints, wood engraving, painting, pastels, drawing, serigraph prints and copper work.

Green Series

The Green Series began after attending a conference in 2008 on Green Museums. The information that I received at that conference had an enormous impact on me in my art as well as in my personal and professional life. I began this series two years ago including bits of materials and found trash. This series looks at consumerism and waste and how these things impact our environment. This year I have taken a more frivolous approach to the very serious subject including in my work images of how other celestial beings view what is going on with earth.

past series

The past years I have had many influences and inspirations. Here are some of my liturgical pieces, Time and Tide Series, and Defragmenting selections.

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